Environment and energy

Unlimited energy supply from the underground - a tempting idea. But still there is a lot of work to do. In order to find geologically meaningful and promising spots we offer geophysical services. Apart from collection of new data (predominantly reflection seismology, but also gravimetry) one fruitful step in gaining new structural insights consists of reprocessing of vintage data (usually recorded for hydrocarbon exploration). By application of modern processing algorithms and optimised workflows the information content of old data can be increased significantly thus providing a solid data base to plan for new data acquisition and borehole locations.

In the field of environmental geology geophysical methods are predominantly used to investigate legacy of pollution and contaminated sites. Typical projects deal with localisation of burried objects like steel tanks or old sumps by use of ground penetrating radar or magnetics. Furthermore, the investigation of waste deposits in terms of inner structures (GPR, magnetics, seismology) and integrity/impermeability of their base (geoelectrics, seismology) is a common task.
With respect to the environment and energy sector we have been working for diverse public and private clients like Universitätsenergie Göttingen, Erdwerk, GASAG, 360plus Consult, GeoEnergy as well as regional authorities in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Thuringia and Saxony, for instance.

Seismogram of deep layers, ©GGD mbH 2015
dropweight and geophones
Geophone spread, ©GGD mbH, 2015
Windmill, ©GGD mbH, 2017

The following main questions can be addressed by geophysical measurements: